Feature Photo Credit – Kosta Constantinou

Dear Elliot

One day I will tell you all about the way you loved having hands on you while you grew in my belly and I’m sure we will laugh when I talk about the way you seemed to know whenever there was a hand anywhere on my body and kick fiercely as if to say ‘I’m over here’.

Once you are ‘out’ I’m sure you are going to love being held and cuddled as much as I do. Your beautiful dad will probably end up being late for work because he won’t be able to resist.

We’ve bought you a beautiful blush pink bassinet. Yes we know you are a boy but it was the loveliest colour and it felt like you. Your grandad recently told me that up until the 1950’s pink was actually a ‘boys’ colour and blue was for girls and it turns out that was indeed the case. In truth colours don’t belong to genders and if we choose what feels true it supports us all.

Your dad and I know you are coming in to a world that has a lot of problems. Many horrendous things happen here on earth. We also feel your great wisdom, strength and sense of purpose and we are inspired to support you to know this every step of the way. I have no doubt your life will have a huge impact (it already has). Of course we know we must parent by example and stay committed to our true purpose too. You are teaching us so much already.

Know you are loved and appreciated by all who await your arrival. Your dad and I are surrounded by the most incredible people who will be there to support and cherish you just as we do.

Love Leonne

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