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The realities of bringing a new baby into the world

So now you all know, Elliot is here. You can feel the love and joy in the photos and although all of this is true and real it leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable as there’s so much more to what is unfolding than what is seen on social media.

I know I’ve looked at other new Mums, compared myself to the beautiful Facebook posts and images and felt deflated by what I perceive as my own failings but the truth is we have no idea what other people are really going through.

The other side of the beautiful photo is the exhaustion and pain that many parents know well. Joseph and I often look at each other and say we feel like we’re on an episode of newborn survivor. 😖🤨🙃😬

I am currently unable to move much from the waist down due to having infected stitches. The pain is excruciating and there are a few days I’ve cried for hours. I joke and say Joseph has two newborns to care for as he needs to take me to the bathroom, shower me, feed me and dress me as well as get everything I need (and pick up any rubbish that irritates me 🤣). I also definitely cry more than Elliot.

The up side to this is that I am developing an incredibly respectful relationship with my body and am being given an opportunity to let go of control and let a flood of love and support in.

We have medical professionals visiting us every day and so many friends and family have gone the extra mile to support us. Thank you all – we honestly could not do this without you.


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