A Day in the life of a New Mum Abroad

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A couple of months ago my family and I headed to the UK. It was a turbulent time to say the least. I wasn’t well and felt physically unable to step up in the way I felt I needed to. In the midst of all this I found myself scrolling social media. I was trying to relax but what I was actually doing was comparing myself to other people who were doing fun, amazing, inspiring and exciting things. I began to feel really down. I was sad, exhausted, in pain (migraine), housebound and felt like I was accomplishing nothing.

When I realised how toxic this comparison was I decided to document my day then and there and bring some appreciation and understanding to the situation. The post below that I originally placed on Facebook was the result. Side note – there’s 15 breastfeeds in there! 15! This post was a turning point for me as I began to appreciate the way I was handling a very difficult time.

The Post

Yep it’s time for me to join the amazing train. 

Woke up at 12pm, 2am, 4am, 6am and 7am to feed/soothe/change Bubsy’s nappy

Had breakfast 🍳

Bubsy peed midway through nappy change number 3 for the morning resulting in a face full of said pee…

Bath time for me and Bubsy 🛁

Got dressed 👗 
Fed Bubsy  
Put Bubsy to sleep 
Checked out on social media and read the news – horrifying 😬 
Sorted, folded and put away the laundry 🧺 
Fed Bubsy 
Sang Bubsy songs 🎶 
Made and ate my lunch 🥙 
Fed Bubsy 
Entertained Bubsy 
Fed Bubsy 
Went to shops with Bubsy attached 
Purchased winter clothing for Bubsy 
Purchased souvenirs for housemates 
Wrote this in the back of the car on the way home from the shops

Simultaneously 😎 – Put Bubsy to bed for a nap/Gave husband a chakra-puncture session/Soothed Bubsy/Fed Bubsy/chatted to neighbour

Unloaded dishwasher 
Fed Bubsy 
Put Bubsy down for afternoon nap 
Changed Bubsy’s nappy 
Changed Bubsy’s spewy onesie
Walked to chemist 
Fed Bubsy 
Played with Bubsy 
Chatted to sister in law while she played with Bubsy 
Wrestled Bubsy while he pulled my hair 
Fed Bubsy 
Did a photo shoot for my sister in law and niece
Fed Bubsy 
Ate dinner that was lovingly made for me by my mother and sister in law with Bubsy wrestling me on my lap 🥘👶
Fed Bubsy and put Bubsy to bed 

In between all of that somehow managed to hydrate and go to the bathroom several times (amazing I know) 🚽 
Wrote the rest of this post 
Used hashtags

Time to clean the kitchen, shower, sleep for at least 2 hours (fingers crossed) and get ready for another long and powerful day tomorrow! 

#thiswasaslowday #fourhourswithamigraine #stillamazing #nonstop #bubsyalltheway #inowknowthemeaningofhardwork#thankgodreposeisntsleep

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